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First jump


The parachute unit at Marijampolė Aero Club was founded in 1977 year. It has a professional team and the long-standing traditions.

Age to start jumping

Pursuant to the valid parachute jumping rules of the Republic of Lithuania, persons of the age more than 14 are permitted to start jumping (a written consent of parents is mandatory). However, for safety reasons, the Aero Club’s administration reserves the right to decide the candidate’s fitness for parachute jumping in each individual case.

Health fitness

The health regulations for parachute jumping are the same as the health regulations for a person to receive a driving licence. Parachute jumping is not recommended in case of the recent whiplash or extremities injuries.


The parachute jump in life and health insurance is compulsory. The aircraft with passengers intended for parachute jumping is insured.

Please find below the other terms and conditions for entertainment and sports parachute jumping.

Two-seat parachute jump with instructor

Jump height: 3000 m, including 1500 m (25-30 seconds) of free-flying. Duration of training/ instruction: 20 minutes. Jump price: 130.00 EURO. Other conditions:

  • weight of jumper – up to 120 kg;
  • during jumping, the wind force should not exceed 9 m/sec.;
  • advance registration is required;
  • up to 35 persons per day may be serviced.

You may order filming, prices – 50.00 EURO

When arrived at the airfield, you need to have the identification document, long clothes (long trousers, blouson or similar clothes with sleeves) and flat-footed shoes – sports shoes (gumshoes) are the most appropriate ones.  The extreme entertainment is always connected with the increased risk to be injured; therefore, alcohol has nothing to do with this activity.

Sports jumps

These jumps are to be made by experienced parachute jumpers who hold the parachuting certificates/licences specifying the parachutist qualification. Prices of jumps:

      1200/1500 m- 12.00 EURO
      2000/2200 m – 13.000 EURO
      3000 m – 18.00 EURO

Not to be bored while waiting for a jump or when the instruction is held for the parachute jumpers, the accompanying persons at the airfield may:

  • fly an aircraft
  • drop at an airfield bar to have a cup of coffee
  • play table tennis
  • play volley-ball at a play area
  • swim in the airfield pond
  • to make shashlik at a rest place
  • wireless Internet is available on the airfield territory

Should the scheduled jump fails to take place by bad weather, the heard jump instruction costs nothing (thus, the travelling expenses are compensated). All the received information is valid for one month period.

Contact use for detail information: +370 653 76727

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